Foam and fabric products can be laminated with a double sided tape to make them self adhesive, for sealing doors, windows and hatches, or for soundproofing and acoustic purposes.

Paper and plastic films can be laminated with double sided tapes or transfer adhesives, and can then be laminated to a foam to provide a non-slip or non-scratch product such as computer mouse pads.

Husky Tape can laminate supported films, such as polyester or polypropylene, or non-woven tissues, to reinforce and add strength to your product, as well as provide an exposed adhesive for mounting and fixing.

A choice of adhesives, from synthetic rubber, rubber solvent, hotmelt, emulsion acrylic and solvent acrylic is available, as is a choice of different liner papers and films, we even have a liner paper with printed removal instructions for retail and end-user products.

Products suitable for laminating include open and closed cell foams such as polyethylene, polyurethane, neoprene,EPDM, PVC and EVA, and silicone rubbers, natural rubbers, plastics, felts, woven fabrics and other textiles.

Our laminating machinery can handle rolls up to 1600mm wide, and can provide continuos rolls or cut sheets. Please ask us for more details.