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Surf's up, with Husky 1200 Masking Tape

August 01, 2018

With a full range of different stock size options available, there is a masking tape suitable for every application.


Masking tape can be used in thousands of places and in almost every industry. I recently had the opportunity of watching a craftsman in action, using our 1200 masking tape in the manufacture of a surfboard. There was a lot more to it than I realised.

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surfboard 1

After selecting a suitable foam blank, there are a number of important steps before you hit the water. From power planers to sanding blocks, respirators to rubber gloves, and of course, some Husky masking tape, and we are ready to get started.

surfboard 2

A template is used to mark out the shape of the board. The shape is then cut out with a hand saw.

surfboard 3

The blank surfboard is then shaped using various hand tools, starting with a power planer, and then on to selected rasps, planes and sanding blocks.

surfboard 4

Final shaping and smoothing of the foam is done using selected gauze grades. Designs and artwork are added at this stage.

surfboard 5

Darren then taped up and masked the deck, using Husky tape of course, ready for laminating with traditional surboard cloth and resins. A razor blade is used to cut the resin to the tape line.

surfboard 6

Once laminating of the board, both top and bottom is completed, a new tape line is put around the edge of the board, and resin is brushed up to the edge and left to cure. The tape is then removed. The surfboard is then professionally sanded by Darren to achieve the grade of finish required.

surfboard 7

Darren Burge is a traditional surfboard shaper and glasser from the NSW Central Coast. He learned his craft with some of the industry's finest, and is shaper to one of Australia's best known surfers, Nat Young. Darren's label dburge Surfboards has had many successes, in both world competition surfing and recreational surfing alike. Darren is passionate about his product and always selects Husky Tape adhesive products for his shaping and production requirements.