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Kikusui 101 Paper Tape in fibreglass moulds

June 06, 2019

Sometimes overlooked among our specialty tapes, Kikusui 101 Silicone Coated Kraft 10148-150 Paper Tape is commonly used as a moisture resistant packaging tape in freezer and coolroom applications.

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Kikusui 101 Paper Tape is also used as a bond break when working with sealants and adhesives in the glazing and waterproofing industries. A recent application highlighted it's versatility in other industries. Several manufacturers are utilizing the silicone coating, or non-stick feature in fibreglass constructions.

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One application is for the construction of fibreglass components to build cooling towers used in large buildings and shopping centres. Another is for building sailing boats and pontoons.

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Some of the components can be unique and only one piece required, so to keep costs down a simplified mould making process is required.

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With this simplified construction process, moulds can be made very economically, and changed very quickly and easily.

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Kikusui 101 Paper Tape is used around corners and over joins to enable the gelcoat and fibreglass components to release easily.