Acribond Features and Benefits

Some of the many outstanding features of Acribond Acrylic Foam Tapes are:

  • They provide invisible fixing and bonding.
  • Aesthetic enhancement of products, with no screw heads or rivets.
  • Resilient performance in all weather conditions.
  • Bonding to a wide variety of substrates and surfaces.
  • Excellent load bearing and performance capabilities.
  • Load and stress are distributed across the plane of the bond.
  • There are no stress points that arise with mechanical fixings.
  • Helps prevent metal fatigue and mechanical degradation.
  • Provide vibration dampening, shock absorption, sealing.
  • Reduces refinishing work, touching up, clean up time.
  • Quick to use, clean, safe, improves productivity.
  • When replacing spot welding, there is no distortion of the sheet metal
  • There are no welding beads to be ground down.
  • The tape is soft and flexible, giving great conformability.




          Acribond solves problems!
          No holes to drill, no rivets to head.
          No epoxies to cure, no weld distortion.
          Vibration and sound deadening.
          Bonding dissimilar metals.
          Convenient tape form, in rolls or pieces.
          No expensive tools or machinery required.
          Minimal training required.